Thinking of quitting your job? Don't.


At least not yet.

Often times we come up with reasons why need to leave our jobs. It could be that we hate our boss, or the work is incredibly boring, or the office politics are getting to us, or something else. These can be valid concerns and despite trying hard to be passionate about your work, may be issues that just can't be resolved without leaving.

But before you quit your job, either to find work elsewhere or to start your own business, I would suggest a slightly different approach.

Set a date six months from today. On that day, you will be giving your two weeks notice.

Between now and then, try to make the best of things. Spend this time learning about yourself and what makes you happy. Determine what it is about your job that seems to be bugging you and, conversely, what makes you come alive. Carefully analyze what your current personal and financial situation is and what your personal responsibilities would realistically allow you to do.

Instead of giving into the emotions at play, and just walking out the door, give yourself some time to make a strategic decision.

Perhaps the project you're working on isn't that great, but in a few weeks it will be complete and you will be able to move on to something better. Perhaps that coworker that gets on your nerves will transfer to a different office or even leave the company. Perhaps you'll get a promotion that completely changes your perception of your job and company.

Or perhaps none of these things will happen, and you'll still hate your job in six months.

As that date begins to approach, start to really consider whether or not you want/are ready to leave. If four months in, you're still looking to leave, start to put out some resumés. Start to talk to people about possible opportunities at other companies. Start to get the business plan in order for your own company. Start to get ready to leave your employer for greener pastures.

And then when that date six months from now comes around...quit. That is, if you still want to. 

What's your strategy for making a career change? 

- Ryan