Finding Motivation for Your Passion

Even if you have a passion figured out, you may need a little push towards success. Sometimes you need willpower. Sometimes you need inspiration. Sometimes you need good old fashioned motivation.

On more occasions than I care to admit, I've wanted to do nothing more than lay on my couch and play a video game or watch a favorite movie instead of working towards my goals.

I think to myself, "I've been good and diligent and responsible for a long time, I deserve to relax and chill." And the truth is, I probably do. So sometimes I do just that. But there are other times when I know I can work just a little bit more and that the sum of these little efforts will be something great. 

I've been fortunate in that I have learned some of the ways to capture what little willpower I have left, and jump start my excitement. Once I'm excited about something, even sleep can't keep me away.

Here's a small list of motivational activities that have inspired me in one way or another.


  • Songs
  • Poetry
  • Motivational Speakers
  • Showers/Baths
  • YouTube Videos
  • Religious Texts
  • Other Passionate Personalities
  • Lists of My Personal Accomplishments
  • Brainstorming sessions
  • Visual Representations of Success
  • Memories of Past Hardships
  • Personally, I went through a phase where I would listen to "Successful" by Trey Songz all the time. It really isn't that good of a song, and the message is questionable at best, but it worked for me. So I kept listening to it, and used it to push me to achieve my goals. If a day came when I just didn't feel like doing anything, I would put the song on, picture myself being successful at whatever I was trying to accomplish, and then realize that it wasn't going to happen just thinking about it. So then I had to start working if I was going make my dream a reality.

    Whether it's a great speech or just a fun song, whatever it is that gets you motivated, hold on to it. Use it. Also, don't think that it always has to be some inspirational talk by a double amputee who climbed Mt. Everest (though those types of videos do hit me hard). It can just be a little quote that you find funny but also connect with.

    One other thing I've learned is that once you get started doing something, it's so much easier to continue. Starting is in fact the most difficult part.

    How do you keep motivated and inspired when the low points in life come?

     - Ryan