Learn Your Passion

I have yet to learn my passion. 

I have yet to learn what I need to know in order to become a bona fide inventor or creator of a successful business. 

And that means I'm not ready. 

I'm not ready to make that transition, to work specifically on it as a career, to live out my passions of tinkering and creating (Uh oh, if you haven't read Crazy Enough To Try yet, I'm giving away the not-so-surprise ending, haha).

And that's ok. Because we're always learning about new ideas, new concepts, and gaining new knowledge. And truthfully...you're never ready to make a big jump.

But you can be as ready as possible, and that means understanding what you're getting yourself into. That means reading everything you can about your passion, reaching out to people who share your passion to gain insights, and trying out smaller versions of your grand plans to see where you fall on the scale of fantasy and reality.

In making that transition to working your passion, or even if you just want to grow in your own passions as hobbies, you can't just stand still and assume that you know all there is to know. You can't assume that your present knowledge of the topic is enough to sustain you or will allow you to progress to the next level. 

It's going to take some thinking about how you can bring your unique experiences to share this passion with others in a different way. It's going to take some failures to learn what you love about your passion, and what you can live without. It's going to take a lot of work, and that's what real-life passion is about. 

So in order for me to be ready, I'm going to have to learn. I'm going to have to push more and find the time to expand what I already know, to try new things, and to get out in the world and meet the people who've already been there.  Every spare chance I get, I'm going to have to squeeze in a few more minutes to find out what it is exactly that I'm trying to do.

Because without a specific goal in mind, how can we know we're as close to ready as we can be? 

Are you learning about your passion? 

- Ryan