The New Edition of Crazy Enough To Try!

That's right, Crazy Enough To Try has been updated with new content!

You may have noticed that there haven't been too many posts here lately. That's because over the past few months, I've been dedicating most of my writing time to pushing out the 2nd edition of Crazy Enough To Try. And I'm happy to say that it came out nicely.

So what's new?

First and foremost, there are an additional four interviews included from what I've collected since publishing the original. These interviews expand on the journeys taken to incorporate passion, and even question the idea of passion altogether.

Additionally, there's been some major editing and I've removed any profanity that was in the original. Although I wanted to keep the conversations as true to life as possible, one of the comments I regularly received was, "This is a great book, and I'd love to share it with [insert young person here],'s a little 'mature' for them." So I substituted a word here and there to tone it down, but keep the sentiment the same.

Also, check out the fancy new cover; I really like how it came out. Many of the interviews I completed for Crazy Enough To Try were done at coffee shops, so I thought the mug very fitting. Likewise, so many people have great conversations that lead to self-reflection or the start of a new business over a cup of coffee or tea, that I think it represents discovery in a way that is important when it comes to passions.

Where and when can I get it?

It's available now! Just like the previous version, it's available in paperback and Kindle at (if you buy the paperback, you get the Kindle version for free), as well as at various ebook stores listed here.

Crazy Enough To Try has been an ongoing project that has taught so much about passion, but also about the persistence needed to build something from nothing. When I first started this, I had an idea. That was it. I wanted to ask people some questions and see what came out. Through continued effort and dedication it has morphed from a simple thought in my head into a book, a blog, and in a sense, a movement. I've talked to countless people, and helped quite a few start on their own paths towards realizing what it is that calls them.

Don't doubt yourself. There are more than enough people out there who already do. Instead, focus on building your confidence and your skills to become more than what you are today, and closer to what you want to be tomorrow.

Stay Passionate!!

- Ryan