Setting A Tone For The Future

It has been a few months since my last post. I thought about starting off with apologies and an explanation for my absence. I thought about maybe saying how life has been busy with a new job, buying a home, planning a wedding, and other stuff. But while those events did happen, really that’s not the whole truth.

Photo via  Flickr

Photo via Flickr

The whole truth is that I needed some time to revaluate what I wanted Crazy Enough To Try to represent. And I think I'm ready to reveal the results of that work.

At its core, Crazy Enough To Try is a platform for the discussion of passions and establishing what it takes to live a passionate life. But there are many ways to have that discussion, and many points of view on how to incorporate passions into our lives.

My view has been that incorporating your passions means figuring out what drives you, what calls to you, and then building that into your life in some way, even if it's only a small part of your life.

I happen to think I’m right about that.

What I’ve been missing a little bit however, was more detail on how to incorporate those passions in meaningful ways. I think Crazy Enough To Try connects with the type people who if they are passionate about fashion, do more than just window shop when they can. You are the type of people who want to go out and build a personal brand around fashion. I think the readers here are a little more deliberate about their passions. So when it comes time to talking about passions, just saying "if you like gardening, start a garden" isn't enough.

I think there’s more that Crazy Enough To Try can provide. Incorporating passions isn’t just about writing articles. It’s about enabling readers. Many articles have focused on that enablement, such as strategies for time management or building a network of supporters, but I think there’s more that can be done.

In the next few months, I will be launching a new section to highlight the physical products that can help us to achieve our goals. Some of these will be products that I’ve developed myself based on my experience of achieving some of my stretch goals. Others will be from like-minded people who have their own interests and passions that will bring a diversity of thought and ideas.

Looking forward, there are more plans to grow not only the reach of Crazy Enough To Try, but also the depth of what we provide here. I'm working with a partner to expand the writing to include other perspectives. I'm also going to be reaching out to other websites and building a network within the Crazy Enough To Try umbrella to share their work with the readers here.

More details to come, but I'm very excited about the direction we're headed in. As always, share your thoughts in the comments, or feel free to reach out to me directly. Building this dream into something more wouldn't have been possible without you the readers.

- Ryan