Sharing Our Passions With Others

Bobby McFerrin via  Szaniszlo Ivor

Bobby McFerrin via Szaniszlo Ivor

Many of us have passions that inspire or motivate us to individual greatness. But very few passions are present in a vacuum. Our lives are filled with other people and we interact with them on a daily basis.

One way of finding and implementing our passions is through realizing where we can help others. Help doesn't have to be a volunteer effort or a free gift, but rather recognizing what others can benefit from what we bring to the world.

Think of a musician who performs at a concert hall. This person is incredibly passionate about what they do and they want to share it with others. They don't do it for free (concert tickets can really get up there in price), but they do want to share their passions. They help us to experience music in a way that only they can provide.

When we look at our own passions, whether it's creating new inventions, riding bikes through the wilderness, or cheering on a favorite sports team, we can take a few minutes to think about how our passions interact with others around us. Are we going to make their lives better? Worse? Are we going to show them things they've never seen? How about remind them of moments in their past?

Whatever it is that you're passionate about, however it is that others interact with it, be aware of it. And if the spirit moves you, think of ways you can make that interaction a little more helpful to all parties involved. Perhaps tweak an invention to be useful to others besides just your specific need. Maybe offer to take a neighbor on a ride on a trail to introduce them to a different type of exercise. Or bring a friend along to a hockey game to socialize with other fans.

These small actions will probably not prevent you from enjoying an activity, but they can provide an opportunity to share a passion with others. It's a win-win, as sharing can help in defining a product or service and it can help shape your own understanding of yourself, your passion, and the world around you.

How do you share your passions?