Keep The Company Of The Passionate

Motivational speaker Jim Rohn has been quoted as saying that we are the average of the five people we spend the most time with. While I'm not quite sure what an "average of a person" is, I get that he is referring to the general habits and behaviors that we exhibit.

If you've ever seen someone spend time with an old friend and begin to act similar to them, you've see the influence we can have on each other.

While this can be easily seen as a downside (teenagers and their ill-behaved friends are a classic example), it can also be used for positive actions.


When I am surrounded by positive people, either in the actions they attempt or by the supportive words they speak, I can't help but be positive myself. I look at the world through different eyes, focus on being a positive force towards others, and just generally feel better. My actions are more geared towards progress and less towards laziness. I feel empowered that what I'm working on is actually of value to more than just myself. I stay motivated. This is not mysticism or feel-good talk. These are actual observations that I've noticed in myself and others for years.

Unfortunately, the opposite is also true. There are people who are just drains on your life. These are those who are filled with negative feelings, or people who cast doubt on your ability to accomplish even minor goals. And without fail, it is these people who I remove from my life, either through actively disconnecting, or just through a decreased desire for contact.

As we go through life, it is extremely easy to only stick with the people we feel completely comfortable with and be in situations that are very familiar. And while, it is helpful for us to be in a comfortable and positive environment, it doesn't stretch or introduce us to new things.

For those of us interested in pursuing our passions, surrounding ourselves with passionate people is a surefire way to increase our ability to keep our motivation up, be patient, and follow through on our personal promises and goals set forth.

Through writing, talking, and meeting new people, I've been able to connect with other passionate people, and not only have I continued on my path towards working my passions, I've accelerated my efforts. I've learned new ideas, found new resources, and focused my efforts.

Who do you make sure to keep near you?