Patience, Your Dreams Will Take Time


"I want my dream and I want it now."

That's really what we're saying when we rush to complete something we're passionate about in hopes of becoming successful.

I'm all for working very hard on what we're passionate about, but along the way there are bound to be hiccups and missteps. People will get in the way or plans won't work quite as well as they should have. It's going to happen.

Achieving dreams and building success from that desire to work a passion will take time. And unfortunately that's probably going to take more time than you think.

I remember when I first started writing Crazy Enough To Try, I had this idea that it would take a few weeks to put together, a few more weeks of sales and promoting, and then I would be set. I thought it would be a quick and powerful journey that would lead to...well I didn't know what, but something awesome.

And while I am very happy with the results, both the final product and the conversations have been amazing, it has not been a quick journey. Only recently have I finally completed the transition from ebook to paperback, and it's been over a year of intense work.

We're inundated with stories of overnight celebrities and people waking up one morning, quitting their job, and becoming a super-guru in [insert profession]. While these stories do happen from time to time, there are countless other tales of people who have to work day and night, sacrificing and toiling to make even their smallest dreams a reality.

That microbrewery won't grow into a household name overnight. That charter school won't open its doors next month. That rusty classic car won't be show ready before the next car show.

It's worth it, believe me it is. With enough time and effort these dreams will happen. But it's going to take patience.

How do you handle being patient? Share tips and suggestions for other readers in the comments.