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The Number One Killer of Dreams

We all start out with dreams. Big ones and small ones. Maybe you wanted to become an astronaut. Maybe you wanted to cure cancer. Maybe you just wanted to make a nice dinner.

Those were my dreams, and growing up, if you asked me what I wanted to be I would rattle off the names of all of the professions: scientist, chemist, astronaut, dirt bike racer, chef, and a computer programmer (in that order).

And if you had met me early on in college, I would have told you that my goal was to cure cancer.

We all start out with dreams. But then they start to fade. Reality sets in, and the truth comes out that our dreams are just that: dreams.

But do you know what the biggest killer of dreams is?

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New Free eBook: Don't Quit Your Day Job...Yet, A Guide To Turning A Passion Into A Business

I have some news that I'm really excited to share with everyone. I've just released my latest eBook, Don't Quit Your Day Job...Yet!

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Inspired by my most popular post, in this book I've put together a guide for those of you who are interested in starting a business based on your passions, but are unsure about what it will take to make it a reality.

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Are you letting your debt stop you?

I'm often thinking of new ideas/inventions to work on, new businesses to start or advise, and countless other "new things" to do. This habit of mine is one my favorites and I'm convinced it's a big part of what I'm passionate about.

It's a great activity, but the other half of my passion lies with actually bringing these ideas from thoughts into action. Thoughts are great, but action is better.

In an ideal world, I would be working with people to create awesome stuff all the time.

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Patience, Your Dreams Will Take Time

"I want my dream and I want it now."

That's really what we're saying when we rush to complete something we're passionate about in hopes of becoming successful.

I'm all for working very hard on what we're passionate about, but along the way there are bound to be hiccups and missteps. People will get in the way or plans won't work quite as well as they should have. It's going to happen.

Achieving dreams and building success from that desire to work a passion will take time. And unfortunately that's probably going to take more time than you think.

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