What to Do When You Doubt Your Passion

Photo via  Filckr

Photo via Filckr

Most times when people think of passion, it’s as this all encompassing force that burns you, consumes you from the inside, forcing you to do something about it. While this is often true, passion alone will only carry you so far in working your passion.

There will be times in the course of pursuing your passion where people will find ways to hold you back. It could be as simple as them not supporting your dreams, or as vicious as actively sabotaging your efforts. You’d be surprised at how threatened some people will be by you working your passion.

However, most often it will come from within you, where your own little voice in your head will tell you that you’re not making the progress you set out to.

What do you do then?

Well first, you tell that voice to take several seats. That voice inside, it's not helping you. Its sole purpose is to do a “reality check” without actually looking at reality. That voice has a short memory and doesn’t take the time to look at where you were and how far you’ve come.

When I doubt myself, I look at how far a little bit of passion has taken me. This is especially true when I look at my notebook.

I keep a notebook with all of my thoughts of new ideas/inventions/businesses that come to mind throughout the day. The vast majority of those never see the light of day, and those that do, usually don’t make it past the first discussions.

But when I look back to what I’ve thought of, I can see the progression both in the maturity of the ideas generated and just the sheer volume. As I finish off my first notebook, I just can’t help but be proud that I’ve taken the time to jot down a fraction of what goes through my head.

And that keeps me going.

Having a reminder, whether that’s a journal, a picture, a list, or even a physical piece of work can help you through the tough times.

Self-doubt has no place in working your passion, so when it pops up, just go back to your reminder of your progress. That reminder will always be there to shower you with the praise you deserve, but that little voice won’t give you.

- Ryan

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