Three Things To Keep An Eye Out For

Earlier this year, I mentioned that I was hoping to grow Crazy Enough To Try, and incorporate a few new things. Well, in working to keep my word, I’ve got three new items I’m really excited to share with you.

Creativity Writer

One of the things I’ve been hoping to do is to reach a wider audience and expand my horizons as a writer. Fortunately, an opportunity came up to do just that.

I recently joined as Adam Smith's Leadership Blog ( as the Creativity writer. Adam is a great writer, and the team he's brought together puts out valuable information every day. I posted my first article last Sunday and I think it’s pretty interesting, if I do so say myself! Check it out here. I’ll be posting a new article every Sunday, so be sure to subscribe to the newsletter to get the latest.

STEM From Dance

If you know about me and my passion, I really want to work with people to help them further their goals, especially in growing their businesses. Over the last few weeks/months, I’ve had the pleasure of helping out a young woman with a huge dream and I’m really psyched about her mission. Yamilée Toussaint is the founder of a non-profit called STEM From Dance, which is focused on increasing the number of minority women in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) fields. They accomplish this by incorporating dance into their education to help build the students' confidence.

This is a great program, and they’ve really put a lot of work into making it as educational as possible, while still being fun and engaging. Currently, they are looking to expand their reach into even more schools, and could use your support. Check out their support campaign and share it with your friends.


Teaching is also a passion of mine, and while I don’t get a chance to tutor as much as I used to, I do try to help out when I can. CareerVillage is a website founded by Jared and Jen with the goal of helping high school students find answers to their career questions by tapping professionals in the workforce.

I know when I first thought about becoming an engineer, I had no idea what they did or why their jobs were important or how much money they made. This site aims to clear up the mystery with candid answers to some great questions.

I’ve been answering questions for about a year now, and apparently my answers have been seen 3,143 times by students. That’s pretty awesome!

Please consider supporting them as they enter next year, or if you’d prefer, help answer some questions.

I hope you all are as excited as am I about these opportunities and join with me in supporting them. These are just a few of the thousands of people who are working their passions and doing some amazing things!

Until next time.

- Ryan