The New Tools For Your Toolbox

Back in April I mentioned my hope to build Crazy Enough To Try into more than it is. I wanted to grow the website and mission to provide additional resources to help you incorporate your passions into your life.

Photo via  Flickr

Photo via Flickr

Specifically, I planned on referring products and services that have helped me in my journey to not only incorporate my passions, but build upon them. To that end, I've worked to narrow down the field to the best items that I think will help you on your journey. So appropriately, I've called them The Tools.

The Tools are more than just a series of recommendations of good books and interesting items. I've specifically chosen them to help in a variety of areas that I think are critical to building up a passion beyond a warm and fuzzy feeling.

Like building a home, the right tools can make a world of difference. Could you build a house with a saw, hammer, nails, and some lumber? Probably. Would it be anything as good as one built with the variety of specialized tools needed for laying a foundation, leveling the frame, insulating the windows, and so much more? Definitely not.

In the same way, these suggestions are designed to address the important elements of growing and sustaining a passionate life: effective productivity, proper financial management, creative approaches to challenges, and an everlasting hope and belief in a better future.

Productivity is a factor in every facet of our lives, and working our passions is no different. Working our passions often requires more work on top of our day jobs or responsibilities. Using our time as effectively as possible is vital to making that happen and not losing our minds (or our employment).

Most people don't like to talk about money. I love to talk about money. Money is a multiplier; whatever you want to do, having more money multiplies your ability to do that. Want to spend money on frivolous things? More money = more frivolity. Want to use your money to support others? More money = more support. Understanding how money works is fundamental to maximizing your ability to use it to further your passions.

The impact of creativity on your life cannot be overstated. If you've spent time working through a challenge to come up with a win-win solution for everyone involved, then you know the importance of creative approaches in everyday life. As many of us are balancing a number of responsibilities with working our passions, our creative juices need to be flowing to make it happen. To keep those creative juices going, you need to get used to thinking outside of the box, even outside of your comfort zone.

All of the work, budgeting, and creativity won't happen until we believe that our future can be better than our present and our past. It can seem a little impractical to think in this way, but fundamentally, we need to be hopeful for our future. That's why passionate people continue to take the more challenging path of working in their passions over accepting mediocrity. And sometimes we just need a little breath of fresh air and motivation to give us that hope.

Today, the list consists of some of the most influential books I've read over the last decade. Reading is an incredible tool for accessing the knowledge of experts that we may never get a chance to have a conversation with. I've been a reader for my entire life, but I continue to underestimate the impact it can have on my understanding of the world and those around me.

In the future the list will grow as we continue to grow. It will include products and services that enable us to do our best work. It will also include suggestions from readers such as yourself. One of the best parts of a community is the ability to learn from each other.

I'm really excited about this addition to the website and the Crazy Enough To Try community. I think it will help in bringing in more thoughts and ideas, as well as spur on discussions about some of the greatest thinkers and doers of our time.

Stay Passionate!!

- Ryan